It’s important that the serving and consumption of any meals are concluded before the performance begins. The show is highly interactive and will be best enjoyed with the undivided attention of all guests, the serving of drinks is perfectly fine.

Throughout the show multiple people are invited to participate. No one is ever pressured to participate or made to feel embarrassed in the show. All volunteers are treated with the utmost respect and are made to look like the stars of the show.

Michael will bring everything needed to deliver a great show for your event including a battery powered sound system, music controller, and headset microphone; a plug in for power is not required. This system can be hooked into an existing speaker system or run independently.

The show can be performed just about anywhere such as a boardroom, banquet hall, gymnasium, or arena. It is important to have the stage elevated at least 6 -12 inches so that all guests can enjoy the performance from a few seats back. The closer you can bring the seating to the stage, the better.

This show can run anywhere from 30-45 minutes in length. Please inquire for your specific event to see what will be most suitable.


Magician and entertainer performing for audiences of all ages, including private functions, corporate events, and festivals throughout Canada.

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